Guest Blogger: Sarah Devaney-O’Neil of Storibook Designs

In a previous post on my blog, Bringing Harmony into Your Home, I reflected on a client appointment where I had posed the question, “Is there anywhere in your home that brings you a sense of harmony and peace?” It was a good question, with a deflated “no” for an answer. Recognizing there is an issue is half the battle though, right? If you have taken a look around and acknowledge that your home is not your “happy place”, then the next step is a simple one: Choose to change that!

Our home is our most intimate space; it really should be a place that protects, soothes, comforts and welcomes. When you pull in the driveway or walk through the door, you want to have that same sense of contentment, relief, happiness or joy…. like a great big hug.

One of the best parts of my day – hopefully you won’t take this the wrong way – is when it ends.  Yes, its that time when I finally kick off my shoes and know I’m in for the night and I have nothing left to do but enjoy the comfort of my own space.  There is a reason why, “ahh, its good to be home” has become somewhat of a cliche.

One of the most impactful ways to make a change is through color. Color is so much more than a visual element in a home; it is one of the quickest changes that can be made aside from getting into the time-intensive process of selecting and purchasing new furniture, flooring, renovations, etc. and it’s dramatic. Taking the step to identify your color comfort zones will allow you to make changes toward an interior aesthetic that supports you emotionally and physically. Identifying your color comfort zone, in itself, will bring relief and give you a foundation to base your design plan on.

Color Comfort Zone #1: Mardi Gras

Color Comfort Zone #2: Spring Fling

Color Comfort Zone #3: Harvest

Color Comfort Zone #4: Horizon

So what’s next? Look around, take an inventory of what you have that can be incorporated into your color spectrum and what might need to be reworked. For example, if your comfort zone falls to board #4 -Horizon -and your sofa is currently Fuchsia, you know a change is in store.

You are on your way. Your desired changes may be slight or they may be extensive. Understanding your color zone and the emotional feeling you want to achieve however provides a fabulous foundation. Now, you can decide whether to move forward on your own or to call in a professional to help you achieve the interior you can’t wait to come home to.

Think about what you want.

Think about what will make you happy.

You don’t need to do everything at once; but you can establish a plan and budget for it so that you have relief knowing that the home you wish for is the space that brings you joy, harmony and peace” .

Thank you, Randi, for the invitation; it’s an honor and a privilege to share with your readers!  -Sarah

I would like to thank Sarah for contributing to my blog this week.  We originally met through Twitter, and I have enjoyed reading posts on her own blog http://www.storibookdesigns.blogspot.com.   She owns Storibook Designs, Inc., a custom home furnishings and design company in Massachusetts.