Turquoise – 2010 Color of the Year

Imagine how excited I was to learn that my favorite color was selected to be the 2010 color of the year!  I wear it as often as I can.  And when I was unpacking after my last move, I discovered that I own a LOT of turquoise pottery and artwork.

According to Pantone, the organization that tracks and supplies color to the industry, this color was chosen because people were craving escapism and freshness after a tough year.  It’s a color that takes us to a vacation frame of mind, and sends us dreaming of soothing tropical waters and an escape from the troubles of the world.  When I look at turquoise, I’m definitely transported to the Caribbean, Bali, or the American Southwest – anywhere restful, healing, and laid back.

Because turquoise is on the cusp of blue and green, it’s both inviting and serene like blue, while at the same time invigorating and luminous like green.  It’s such a flexible and universal color that you can use it in restful coastal settings and in urban settings paired with wood and stainless steel.  Use it to add some fun to an otherwise conservative room by pairing it with neutrals and browns.  Turquoise also looks great as a compliment to the trendy yellow-greens.

Have fun with this color in your own home.  Look around you to discover the possibilities of introducing it in small ways.  Maybe add some pillows, window treatments, or an accent wall.  The choices are endless…give it a try!