Designing Chi In The Kitchen

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How Feng Shui Corresponds With Kitchen Design Principles

It’s not difficult to understand why you find a lot of similarities between the practice of Feng Shui and the principles used by a certified kitchen designer. Believers in Feng Shui say that how you design and decorate the kitchen can influence your prosperity and health. Believers in good design say that how you design and decorate the kitchen can influence how you cook, how you eat, how you entertain and ultimately your satisfaction and happiness in your home!


A guiding Feng Shui kitchen principle involves the cook being in a “commanding position” when at the stove. Feng Shui says he cook should be able to clearly see the doorway without turning away from the stove. This is no easy feat when in most homes the stovetop or range is flush with a kitchen wall! A quick solution to this is to hang a mirror or reflective surface behind the cooking surface. Another solution from the kitchen design perspective is to re-do your backsplash with shiny or reflective tiles. Glass and metallic tiles are a growing trend in backsplashes, who knew they also supported a respected ancient tradition?

If you do have the opportunity to remodel your kitchen, consider implementing another trend in kitchen design: install a cooking island. Placing the cooking surface in a central island allows the cook to see the entire room, including the doorway. Beyond the Feng Shui benefits, a cooking island is practical. With the wide view you’ll be able to comfortably talk with dinner guests or keep an eye on the kids as you cook.

Like any good kitchen designer, Feng Shui insists upon an organized storage and cooking space. From the Feng Shui point of view, the food you eat gives you energy; for this energy to be of high and healing quality the food needs to be prepared in a harmonious and well-organized kitchen with a balanced flow of Chi (Feng Shui energy.) A professional designer can really help by customizing your kitchen storage for the way you shop and cook. New cabinetry has endless options for keeping your drawers un-cluttered and all of your spaces tailor-made for your belongings!

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