MORE PROSPERITY and my Feng Shui Adventure

Continuing my adventure, the first order of business was to clean my corner.  Since most of the Prosperity corner falls on my porch where I have lots of plants, one look at the floor told me that the pile of fallen dead leaves had to go!  I know, it’s a bad, lazy habit. But I’m getting better.  I’ve set the intention to keep it clean and throw plucked dead leaves  immediately into the trash!

The remainder of the Prosperity corner is in a small section of my family room.  No dead leaves here, just too many catalogs and magazines.  Fortunately, I’ve already taken care of that during my “27 things in 9 days” project.

Step 2 of the plan is to use the “power tools” of feng shui.  For Prosperity, adding lots of purple is great.  I know that purple would not be the color of choice for most people.  But I’m lucky that this is a sunny area.  I added purple African violets.  The round leaves are also good “power tools”, so double luck for me!  If you truly can’t bring yourself to add purple, other good colors are red, gold, and green – for abundance, wealth, and money.  Since I wanted to make sure I’ve covered everything, I simply included them all!!

It’s important to make your Prosperity corner alive with energy.  So moving objects and moving water are well suited here.  If you have pets, let them move freely here.  If you have a fan, or water fountain, wind chimes or whirligigs, all are welcome here.  I already have a soothing bamboo wind chime on my porch, reminding me of our trips to Bali.  And my dog Baylee loves to sleep there in the warming sun or bark to her doggy buddies below.  There’s no lack of energy here!  But…I’m thinking that a small water fountain would be good to add.  I love the peaceful sound of flowing water in the background.

Adding equal amounts of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and items that remind me of wealth wasn’t difficult to do.  I already had wooden tables, candles, plants, a copper bowl and a glass tabletop in the room.  All I needed was the floor plan for our dream lake house, and my “power tools” of feng shui could work their magic!

By the time I got to step 3 of the process, I was feeling lighter.  My corner was clean, organized and energized.  Now I simply needed to add items that make the space reverent, like a king’s throne, a place of honor.  How would I do that?  And then I realized that I had been doing this all along.  My porch is where I go in the morning for quiet reflection, and where we relax at the end of each day with a glass of wine. It’s where we entertain a small group of friends and family on a cool fall evening.  My Prosperity corner is there to remind me of the blessings and abundance that are in my life today, and will continue to flow to me and thru me tomorrow.

PROSPERITY and My Feng Shui Adventure

Since finishing the book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, by Karen Rausch Carter, I have been obsessed with eliminating clutter in my home.  This includes the piles of catalogs that accumulate after each trade show and the ones that get mailed to me during the holidays (Yes, I do save them!).

I heard someone on TV mention that a good way to de-clutter is to throw away or give away 27 items a day for 9 days.  Of course, I had to do it!  What a freeing experience.  My junk drawer is no longer junky.  The things I never use have been donated to a favorite charity.  I feel lighter, and more at peace.  My friends will tell you how excited I was each day that I discovered 27 more things that were cluttering my space and my life.

Feung Shui baguaAnd so from that I began my adventure with the Prosperity corner of my house !  The author tells us to place this grid over your main living area to determine each section.  There’s no need to be perfectly accurate because attributes of each will flow into the other.

Prosperity also relates to abundance and blessings.  So this becomes the place in your home that acknowledges what you’ve been blessed with and what you desire to blessed with.  Fill it with family photos, pictures of your dream house, your perfect vacation…

What are the blessings in your life?  What are you grateful for?  What does your abundant life look like?  Our home is the haven that nurtures our families and our soul.  It’s a reflection of who we are and how we like to live.  Follow along with me in the coming days as I methodically feng shui my house, learning as I go, and having fun in the process!