Now that summer is here, I start thinking of ways to brighten up my house and bring summer inside.  You know, those little decorating changes that let you feel as if you’re on vacation? Since I love the scents and colors of summer, I want to be surrounded with them every day.  Turquoise oceans, bright blue skies, creamy sand and… the beautiful blues of hydrangeas, blueberries and lavender seem to fill me with peace .   I have a few favorites that always brighten my day and won’t break the bank.  Enjoy!!

Do you make the change to summer in your home?  I’d love to have you share your ideas and tips.


1.  Change Throw Pillows –Add cool colors – think “light & fresh.” Just like a summer breeze! How about lemon yellow, apple green, sky blue or other colors you find during summer? This is perhaps the simplest and fastest way to change the feel of a room!

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2.  Remove “Heavy” Rugs & Accessories – Take out any dark accessories like velvet pillows, wool throws, and even that dark leather club chair and ottoman.  When the air turns crisp this fall, you’ll be excited to reintroduce the heavy textures and darker colors!


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3.  Cover It Up – If you have a dark colored or heavy-textured sofa, chair or cushions consider putting cotton or linen slip covers over some of your most prominent pieces.  Just for the season!  Choose colors and patterns that compliment the “light and fresh” palette you’ve selected for the summer.

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4.  Add Flowers – Bring the Outdoors In – What is more summery than fresh flowers?  Make your own centerpieces with flowers from your garden (or the market…we won’t tell!).  Also, think about adding flowers in unexpected places:  powder rooms, foyers and even your night table.  What are your favorite summer flowers?  Mine are large blue hydrangeas in beautiful white porcelain vases.

5.  Rotate or Add Accessories – Try framing some botanical prints and set them up on a bookshelf or table top.  And if you want to try rotating, gather your accessories from around the house.  Once you’re able to see them all together, it will be easy to pick out new ones for each room.  But always keep in mind your new summery color scheme and the light and fresh feel you want in each room.

6.  Take the Inside “Out” – Make your outdoor spaces more inviting by adding cushions to outdoor furniture, colorful pots and bright flowers in planters.  A brightly colored umbrella and even an outdoor rug will complete your new room!

7.  Declutter – Clear off counters and shelves.  If you want your mood to be light, easy and uncomplicated this summer, make your home a reflection of that.  It’s just one step towards authentic summer living!

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8.  Go White – Do you get lost in the summertime daydream involving a white sundress and an ocean breeze?  White is far from boring.  It represents the purity of a new season, and nothing brightens up a room like white.  How about adding frothy, light curtains, fresh white trim or a painted chair or table?

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9.  Change Your View – We love summer vacations for the change of pace and change of scenery.  Try changing your view at home by rearranging a few key pieces of furniture for your most-used rooms.  Giving yourself a view of the outdoors, your fresh flowers and your cool colors will likely also give you a feeling of summer!

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10.  Decorate For a Season Long Party – Christmas lights after Christmas may be a faux pas, but garden lights after a party are still beautiful and inviting.  Table lamps, outdoor lanterns, illuminated umbrellas and LED solar rope lights are all ways to make your outdoors sparkle at any hour!