Hands-on Home Makover

  An Interior Designer-Guided
        DIY Program

“I love DIY, but I’m overwhelmed with choices and don’t know where to start.”

Who you are:

As a “do-it-yourself person” you take great pleasure in choosing your own products and doing your own work. You have a great sense of color, want to work with what you have, and are pretty good at mixing textures and finishes. Finding the time to do it all isn’t a problem, because you don’t have a set deadline. For you, an added bonus is the money you’ll save by doing the project yourself.

What your issues tend to be:

Even though you want to do the project on your own, you don’t always know where to start.  Your ideas are free-flowing.  Often you find yourself either paralyzed with indecision, or spinning your wheels doing the same thing over and over.  Having someone a phone call away to validate your choices and send you in the right direction is what you’ve been dreaming of. You just want to have a Designer’s Eye during your project to let you know you’re on the right track!

Hands-On Home Makeover ™

This program is designed for the homeowner who wants to save their “design dollars” to splurge on an item or two during their renovation. Because they have great taste, they want to be the one to hire the contractor, buy their own products, and choose their own fabrics. But they start to get overwhelmed and realize they need some help. Does this sound like you?

This program was created so you can have a “designer in your pocket” for the three- six months that it might take to complete your project on your own. With so many choices and too many decisions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and maybe even quit.

When you have designer looking over your shoulder, guiding you through the process, answering your questions and validating your choices, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re not alone.


It’s Going to be Beautiful!

Let’s get started with your Hands-On Home Makeover!