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Full Custom Design and Installation Coordination

I’m sure you’ve heard from neighbors and friends about their remodeling nightmares. They’ve told you how remodels take forever, go over budget, and leave you second-guessing your decisions.

With our Design Done For You plan, you have creative input so that your kitchen, bath, etc.  is uniquely yours. We guide you through the process, teach you about the products available, and then let you make an educated decision.

This design plan has been created with the busy homeowner and professional in mind. It’s for someone who knows the value of their time, hates to shop, and knows that they just want a professional they can trust to do it all for them. They want to avoid the costly mistakes that might happen if left on their own. I take the stress and hassle off your plate. I conduct the product research,  create the complete design plan, and watch your budget just like you would. You get to enjoy the fun parts of a remodel with few of the headaches. The end result is a luxurious new kitchen or bath you love coming home to.

Design Basic (Space Plan)

Often you’re not sure that you want to tackle a remodeling project. You don’t know what the cost will be, or you want to purchase products on your own. Sometimes your contractor or builder is doing this for you. In each of these instances, you simply want to have your kitchen, bathroom, or other room designed. You need a custom designed plan, and this includes a floor plan, elevations, and perspectives.


VIP Shopping Experience

Renovation projects are filled with multiple decisions to be made.  And this can be overwhelming even for the most seasoned person. 

We’ve created this designer-guided plan to help you avoid making costly mistakes.  With your designer by your side, decisions can be made faster and save you time and money.  Depending on your needs, choose the half-day(4hours) or full-day(6hours) plan.

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