Randi Destefano

         Transforming homes…one design at a time

I’m Randi Destefano,  and for over 30 years, I’ve been helping homeowners, just like you, plan and design their renovation projects and discover how their lifestyle works to inspire the design of their home.   It should tell YOUR story, not mine or your best friend’s.  Getting to know you and the dreams you have for your home, is the first priority.

My belief is this:  YOUR SPACE MATTERS.  Your space should lift you up and make you feel energized and ready to face the day…in a good way.   Over the years of working with clients on renovations and new construction, I’ve watched as they go from feeling embarrassed about their home, to feeling excited, confident, and ready to entertain family and friends.   

Renovating your home is a huge commitment.  And sometimes the thought of going through with it is overwhelming:

  • Will it cost too much?
  • Will I forget something and make a costly mistake?
  • How can I trust someone to do it for me?

I understand these fears and concerns because I’ve been there myself when we designed our own home.   And because of this, I’m even more passionate about guiding you every step of the way.  My goal is to make sure your design project is as worry free, easy, and enjoyable as possible.   I become Your Interior Design Advocate, the design angel looking over your shoulder.  Basically, I become the person who guides you in the right direction and keeps you from making costly mistakes.

With years of professional design experience around Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC and the Lake Keowee area of SC, you can rest assured you’re working with someone you can trust.  Someone who recognizes that Your Space Matters.   I look forward to getting to know you, and creating the home you’ve always dreamed of.  Because that’s when the magic happens!



“Randi’s professionalism and knowledge was such a help to me!  I had no idea where to start in choosing tile, wall color or decor for our new lake home.  She is a wonderful listener, and put my very general ideas into practical and beautiful results.  My budget was respected, and I never felt rushed or pressured.  Randi found ways to transform our home into the elegant, comfortable home I envisioned.  Her quality of design is superb!  Most of all, she is fun to be with!  I look forward to working with Randi in the near future to complete our home design.”                                  -Debbie Airey-  Sunset, SC

  HI!  I’m Randi.

When I see a beautiful kitchen, I don’t just see  counter tops, cabinets, and the latest appliances.  I see people.  I see people cooking, laughing, and spending quality time with their family and friends.  I don’t just see a bathroom.  I see a relaxing retreat and a place for a little bit of pampering!  Helping my clients transform their existing home into a beautiful forever home is what I absolutely LOVE doing.


  • I believe YOUR SPACE MATTERS and it affects the way we “show up” in the world every day.  You’ve heard of the ripple effect of a pebble?  Being kind to someone can impact their day in ways you’ll never know…and it all begins at home.
  • When travel is involved, I love to learn the local crafts, culture, textiles and traditional designs .  My ever-growing collections are a constant reminder of  fun times and fun travels.
  • I enjoy having a glass of wine with friends on our boat on Lake Keowee in South Carolina.
  • My 3 beautiful granddaughters (and my husband, daughters, and son-in-law) are THE best!
  • Singing and dancing to upbeat music is a great energizer.  In my car, I’m a rock star!!!
  • I love meeting new people and really getting to know them.
  • In my free time, I love yoga, tennis, hanging out on the lake,  and re-purposing old furniture with chalk paint.  I’m a new golfer, and though  I won’t call it relaxing, I’m getting there!
  • I’d say I love making pottery, but I think it’s more like playing with clay these days!
  • I once owned a quilt shop, and collecting fabric is my addiction.
  • I love to bake.  And…I love to eat what I bake!  So I mostly indulge this passion during holidays and quarantines!!!


A Note From Randi:

“I believe that your life should inspire your design.  Here’s a quick look at my life – behind the curtains.  It’s my Top Ten List, so to speak. Fun facts about me, my life & my passions…in no particular order!”