Yesterday I talked about how important it is to remember that your house is a product, and marketing is the key to getting it sold.  Try to stay as unattached as you can during the process.  I know it’s hard!  Believe me, I’ve been there, having sold 2 homes here in Atlanta.  But the results will be worth it.

Today you get to see all the secrets revealed.  Have fun!


4.  Remove dated wallpaper and draperies.  A good rule to follow is if it’s pre-2000, let it go!  Even if you love it, and think it’s in good condition.  Believe me.  No one else is going to love that 1990’s navy blue floral.


5.  Pack up most family photos, trophies, collectibles, and excessive amounts of books and put them in storage.  Remember that potential buyers want to visualize their own things in the house, not yours.

6.  Update your light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and faucets.  These little changes can make a big difference in updating your kitchen and bathrooms even if you’re not selling.

7.  Remove excess furniture to make your rooms seem larger, and store off-site (along with the packed up accessories).

8.  Arrange furniture for easy traffic flow.








9.  Dust and clean light fixtures and overhead fans.  That includes getting rid of all cobwebs.  Imagine someone walking into the house on a sunny day, and all they see are cobwebs, dog hair, and dust!

10. Make sure the fireplace is clean.

11. Clear countertops.  But leave a few accessories like canisters or a coffee pot.

12. Replace “tired” centerpieces, and consider setting the table with placemats, tableware, and cloth napkins.

13. Organize the pantry.  Keep it nice and neat and, definitely, not over loaded with canned goods, etc.

14. Open all shades and draperies to add as much light to the space as possible.

15.  Remove toiletries from countertops, window sills, and sides of the bathtub and shower

16. Hang new towels.  Light some candles.  Create a spa atmosphere in the bathroom.

17. Paint the front door, shutters and mailbox.

18. Remove all artificial greenery and flowers.

19. Update outside light fixtures and welcome mat.  These are the first things that will be seen by viewers.

20. Add some colorful potted plants near the front door.

21. Clear all leaves from beds, driveway, and yard.

BONUS tip:  For empty rooms or unusual spaces hire someone to create a “vision board” of different uses for the space.  Include a floor plan, window treatment designs, paint and fabric choices.