Bath AccessoriesBath Decor   Vacation travel is so relaxing, and we spend our time doing things we might not make the time for at home.  One of those indulgences is having a spa day filled with a massage, a facial, and a soak in the hot tub.  Another might be as simple as luxuriating in a nice warm bath in your hotel room complete with candles, wine, and a good book.

Wouldn’t you love to recreate those experiences again and again in your own bathroom?  Well, get the music ready, because you can!  And it doesn’t need to cost a lot or take hours to pull together.
When seasons change it’s so nice to take a fresh look at our surroundings and discover how small things can make a big difference in the way a space feels.  For Fall, warm and cozy is the way to go!
  • Towels – Lucious, thick towels in colors of fall.  (think pumpkins, bayberry, leaves)
  • Candles – Make sure that you add lots of candles in varying shapes and sizes for the best impact.  And don’t forget unusual candle holders and plates.  Search your cabinets.  You propably have just the right thing.
  • Accessorize – Try a large basket on the floor to fill with rolled towels in your new fall colors.  Use clear or colorful containers to store cotton balls, soaps, etc.  Maybe these could be hand made pottery pieces.
  • Paint – Freshen the room with a new paint color or two.  Selecting colors from the warm end of the color wheel will add to the cozy atmosphere.  Think about painting the ceiling to add to the effect.  I often have the paint store take a color that I like and cut it in half for the ceiling to add some contrast.
  • Rugs – Freshen up your floor by exchanging those solid, colorful rugs of summer with something darker.  Maybe an oriental style rug or one with a tribal style.
This list should get you started on the way to a beautiful new look for your “spa” bathroom. Your Assignment: See how many of these tips you can use to create your very our retreat & upload your soothing autumn bath pictures here: ALI On Facebook