The fourth of July is typically a perfect time of year for a celebration!  It’s a time to celebrate something we have in common – our patriotic pride! Nothing brings devoted Americans together better than a hot grill, a cold drink and some sparkling fireworks. No matter what elements you choose to include, the key to a fun, casual party is in the no-fuss details. You can just picture the perfect party – but where to get started?

  • Start with your menu! Will you be grilling?  Eating indoors or out?   Knowing the menu and location ahead of time will be the clue for your holiday table decorations.  Using plenty of fresh strawberries and blueberries in your menu not only adds our patriotic colors, but also gives a nutritional boost to your day!  And don’t forget to have a backup plan for indoors in case of rain or excessive heat!

  • Show your spirit!  The first item on the decorating agenda should be our American flag. My friend, Donna Biggs always has a flag flying at her beautiful, harbor view home in Newport, RI.

But if you don’t have a traditional flag pole, hang a flag at the entrance gate or a porch    railing to welcome your guests.  Always remember to show respect for our flag by not allowing it to touch the ground.

Country Living

Entertaining on your boat?  Try waving the flag here, too!

  • Table settings can be fun, easy, and inexpensive

Martha Stewart Living

Start by draping your table with a colorful table cloth or decorator fabric to generate excitement for the special event.

Next, you’ll want to create a layered look by adding fabric in an accent color.  In this photo, folded red napkins were used.

Want a more casual look?  Try using brand new dish towels in red and white.

To add little accents of red and blueberry around the table, search your garden or look around the house before heading to the store for those special pieces.  The “vases” in this photo are everyday drinking glasses.  The surprise gift on the plate is a sparkler box covered in red wrapping paper and tied with tiny blue ribbon.

Martha Stewart Living

  • Enjoy playing hostess to your guests! Don’t get so stressed out over the menu and table decorations that you forget the most important reason for having the party — to celebrate our nations’ birth with good friends and family.  In the end people will remember more about how you made them feel than what you served.  So relax, kick back and have a good time!!!