New or old, large or small, as organized as we like to think we are, there just always seems to be a pile of “stuff” that doesn’t fit the normal everyday kitchen cabinet.  You know, the little doodads that nobody knows where to store.  If we’re fortunate to have one spare drawer in the kitchen, it becomes the catch-all for every displaced small item.  It becomes what every kitchen needs…the junk drawer. 

When I’m designing kitchens for my clients, we always talk about storage needs and storage solutions.  And usually, the talk turns to their junk drawer…how large should it be?  Today I invite you to take a look at your own kitchen junk drawer.  What goodies do you find there?  When was the last time you really took a good look at the contents?  You might be surprised at what you find.

junk drawer 1

Tips for quick organizing:

1Group similar items together and seal in a small plastic zip snack bag.  Then label the bag .  Have you ever discovered too many phone power chargers and can’t remember which device they go to?  Labeling takes away the mystery, especially when the device no longer works.

Junk Drawer 2

Junk Drawer 3






2.  Purchase drawer dividers and label each section.  Not only will this help you get organized, but it lets you see all the contents at once…so no more guessing and no more losing.

Junk Drawer 4

3.  If items have a home somewhere else, send them to their home.

4.  Haven’t used it in more than a year?  That’s a good clue it might be time to toss it.  One little tip that I read about a few years ago is to get rid of 27 things a day for 9 days.  I challenged myself to this task and was amazed at how freeing it was!  Some things were given away, and some things just weren’t worth saving!  Not only were my drawers and closets neater, but my spirits were lighter and happier.

5.  Set a routine for opening the drawer wide and taking a good inventory of what has accumulated during the year.  Why not try a New Year’s day drawer purging.  Or celebrate each birthday with an Out With the Old ritual.


Junk Drawer 5

Remember that having good storage solutions is the first step to having a clutter-free kitchen!