Decision to Survive Unexpected Things

I love a good DIY project every now and then.  But sometimes the vision in my head isn’t the way it turns out.  And the number of Do-Overs is directly related to how burned out I get.  The joy in creating something new suddenly gets stolen from me… and the drudgery begins.  Has this ever happened to you?

This week a bargain flea market table became the project du jour.  The silly postcard of a Victorian women that had been glued on top, finally had to go.  The top was sanded, supplies were ready, and I was filled with excitement!

table with gel canThe gel stain can be used as stain on unfinished wood.  But on a painted surface, it goes on just like paint.  After two coats, with 24 hour drying time in between, it was time to apply the clear wax.  Love the color!!!!!

IMG_7360Adding clear wax is fun because you get to see the richness of color come through.

waxThe trick is to brush it on, wipe off the excess, and buff it until it shines.

finished topI love it!  The old crackle comes through to give it an aged look, which is exactly what I wanted.  So far, no project burnout.

Now I’m really excited to add a new color to the legs.  Since I have several different colors of Annie Sloan Chalk paint, I opened the first can and painted on a sample.

CocoYUCK!  The paint is too thin.  One coat is supposed to cover the surface.  I know that I shook the can, stirred the paint, and even let it sit upside down for a while to mix.  What happened?

Primer RedThere’s still time left in the day to finish this project, so Primer Red was painted on… but it’s not what I expected.  This is where project burnout set in. Clean up time was made longer when I sealed the lid to the Java stain and it squirted all over the tile floor!

Now the floor is clean, days have gone by, and my table still sitting in the same place on the floor. The excitement is gone for now. Maybe I’ll finish it tomorrow….

DIY projects can go awry no matter how big they are, or how experienced you are. When it comes to designing your remodel or renovation project ask yourself if you’re up for the task before you start.

My friend, Marla, recently completed her DIY kitchen remodel and reminded me that it’s not as easy as it looks on HGTV. After almost coming to blows with her spouse, she vows to “never look at a box of subway tile again!”

When Ashley, of Vintage Refined decided to use Java Gel on her kitchen cabinets, her enthusiasm turned to burnout when she realized it had to be painted over her existing finish.  Though she loves the results her comment was… “All I can say is our next house better have my dream kitchen, because I am officially burnt out with painting cabinets (at least for the next month)! “

Yes, the unexpected will always happen in life and the only control you have over it is how you choose to handle it. Do you choose courage, grace, or humor? After all, you’re the Queen of your own life, and the choice is yours.