Appliance Selection 101: Think Before You Buy

my range

Lately I seem to be getting a lot of questions from clients and friends who are confused about appliance selection. Their questions range from “Is this too big?” to “Where should I put it?” And before I give my answer, I always ask a few questions of my own that will make them think before they buy.

The first thing I tell them is the appliance needs to fit the space, and leave enough room for counter top prep areas. When you’re in the appliance showroom, not only is it overwhelming, but extra-large appliances begin to look normal. Clients get so excited about owning a 48” range and are all set to make the purchase. But…Think Before You Buy!

The next questions I always ask have to do with your lifestyle and your needs. Think about your lifestyle (or the lifestyle you want to have in your new kitchen).

1. How do you work in your kitchen? Do you like to have all of your    appliances clustered together near the sink?
2. How much cooking do you actually do? Will you really use all the burners on a 48” range or will a 36” range be more practical for you and your budget?

range and hood

3. Technology and design are important. Are you living the lifestyle of a crazy busy person? In that case, maybe an induction cook top would be best for you. Another benefit of induction cooking is the safety feature of burners never being hot….perfect for aging parents or small children.
4. Think about the placement of each appliance in the room. Are they convenient to the way you work in your kitchen? Is the height comfortable for you? Does bending bother your knees and back? Then raising the height a bit will work best for your needs.

micro oven

A crazy course that I had to take in college was Home Management. One of the requirements of the class was to count all the steps we took as we prepared a meal. Then we figured out ways we could be more efficient. At the time I thought it was a waste of time and a joke. But now that I help clients create the best kitchen possible for their lifestyle, I can see the value in that Home Management course.