Kitchen Design Tip #2: Back Splash Outlets

One of the last things to be finished in a kitchen remodeling project is the back splash.  So remember to save your energy and creativity for the final push!  Don’t do like some people who say “I don’t care anymore.  Just give me white!”  I know that’s how I felt when we built our first house. 

Now that you’ve put some time into finding the perfect tile for the beautiful new design, it’s time to think about outlet placement.  Most homeowners don’t even think about it.  They assume that their contractor will take care of it…and they will.   Soon the job is completed and you’re moving back in.  And immediately you realize that your beautifully designed back splash has a large, unsightly outlet in the middle of your accent border!  How could that have been prevented?  Let me share my tip…

Tip #2:  Outlet Placement


         I like to keep my outlets as low as possible on the back splash so that the cords don’t poke out of the wall at mid-height.  And to get them even lower, I always ask the contractor or builder to turn them horizontally.  By doing this, the cords are lower and the tile design will be uninterrupted.

Other options exist that do an even better job of hiding outlets.  Some people have had them installed on the underside of their wall cabinets.  But this requires the “box” to be inside the cabinet. 

     There are outlet strips that can be installed on the back splash, just below the wall cabinets.  If you’re using a light rail on your cabinets, the strip will hardly be visible.

No matter which option you choose, blending your switches and outlets with your back splash tile is a must.

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