Bathrooms With A Splash: A Trend to Follow

When it comes to remodeling projects, bathrooms have moved to the top of the list. Thanks to HGTV, home decorating magazines, and our traveling experiences this room is transforming into a sanctuary to relax and unwind, letting that spa vacation experience last just a little while longer.

As I’m traveling, I like to study the design details in hotels to see how they can be carried over into everyday life.  And what I’ve noticed is that resort-like bathrooms are becoming more and more popular. Plumbing fixtures are more detailed, and tiles are more luxurious.  And, yes, the toilet is now adding comfort features!

An article that I read recently in the Singapore newspaper (the Straits Times) caught my attention with the headline “$50,000 Marble Tile Wall”.  An architect, Philip Yong, has tiled his bathroom wall with red tiger striped marble, and to him it’s money well spent.  “The bathroom is the first place I visit every morning when I wake up, so if what I see makes me happy, then the money is worth spending.” Though I like his way of thinking, I’m not so sure there are many people willing to part with that much money for one wall.

So what do we need to create a bathroom with a splash?  Well, in Singapore, like the US, homeowners are recognizing the value in paying for products that are well designed and of good quality.  Let’s take a look at 5 favorites.

Lavish toilets – The Toto Neorest toilet is by far the most lavish of them all. This integrated all-in-one toilet system boasts an automated seat cover that opens as you get near, and even has massage functions.   It comes with a variety of features, and the top of the line is only $25,000!  A high end showroom in Singapore sells 10 a month.

Toto Neorest 600

Glass panels are installed to separate the bathing area from the toilet.  European hotels with minimal space have been using this feature for several years to contain water in the combination tub/shower.

Rain shower heads – Added in the center of the shower with hand held shower heads being installed on either end

Double lavatories – Though many homes in the US consider this a standard feature, other parts of the world consider it a luxury because of limited space.

Beautiful tiles for the walls and the floors – Choices are endless!  Consider glass tiles, mosaic tiles, marble tiles or granite.  Have fun with it.

As always, budget plays a large part in the materials that we select for our remodeling projects.  But within this list are products in many different price points.  If you need help with your design and your budget, give us a call.  We’d be happy to help!

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