Decorating With Candles…Makes Scents!

Forgive the bad pun, but filling the air in your home with fragrance is just one of the positive aspects Basket Of Beeswax Candlesof including candles in your home décor. There’s something lovely and calming about the soft flicker of a candle flame.  No wonder so many people love to decorate with them. Candles are amongst the top selling home retail items; maybe because there are so many different types – you can’t have just one!

There are candles that calm, candles that invigorate, candles that grace us with their perfume-like aroma and candles that do nothing but grace our dining room sideboard. Candles are one of those basic items of decor that never seem to go out of style; they are adaptable and affordable.

When using candles in your home décor remember to use that the rule of three applies to accessories, like candles. Although using pairs of mirrors, or frames, or candlesticks is common, you should try to group all other accessories in bunches of three. You can add a bowl or greenery to the set of items to avoid making it look too “matchy.” Use three different sizes of candles or candle sticks in complimentary colors for a great look.

There are so many beautiful pieces made to hold and display candles. But personal and unique items, those you make yourself, always make your home more authentic. Why not try your hand at a craftsman style candle chandelier or “candolier” made out of pine wood and miscellaneous hardware?

Design on a Dime host Lee Sniders shares…How To Make A Candle Chandelier. Handmade Chandelier


2″ x 8″ pine
lighting chain
8 brackets
4 steel eye bolts


1. Cut the pine to the appropriate scale for your dining table. This one is approximately 18″ x 36″.

2. Beat up the edges using a hammer and an old screwdriver to create indentations in the wood.

3. Stain the wood after it’s been marred.

4. Attach the wood with L-brackets.

5. Attach one eye bolt to each corner approximately two inches from each inside corner.

6. Attach the same length of chain to each eye bolt.

7. Attach the other end of the chain to a pre-made coupler in the center. This creates a single bar from which the entire piece hangs from the ceiling.

8. Attach two equal lengths of chain, one to each end of the coupler. Measure the lengths of chain depending on how high you want the candolier to hang above the table.

9. Use ceiling hooks attached to a ceiling brace or stud to support the hanging structure.

10. Fill the base with different-sized nondrip candles to finish the look.