Collect What You Love: Santa Claus Collecting

Collect What You Love: Santa Claus Collecting


Merry Christmas Santa“Collect what you love” is something I always tell my clients.  If it doesn’t make you happy, if it’s someone else’s love, then leave it in the store!  This same personal rule applies, especially during the holidays.  Most of us love to decorate for the season.  With space often being at a minimum, it’s a good idea to think through the things you’ve been collecting over the years.

For most of my married life, Santa Claus collecting has been a passion of mine.  I’m not even sure how it started.  Maybe it’s the bright red suit, since red is a favorite color.  But over the years, my tastes have gone from “any old Santa” to ones made by hand.

tree Santa

I used to group them together to create a big impact.  But these days I prefer to create vignettes and display them in a special setting.

my S1Alpine Santa

My S3Woodland Santa (with Cammo Santa)

My S2Hand carved Santas for my pilot husband, my love of tennis, and Sewing Santa.  He’s carrying little rolls of fabric and a sewing machine!

My S4And, to round out the collection… Santas made from old quilts.

My friend Stephanie started her collection 30 years ago, just because she loves Santa!  Her home is beautifully decorated…from the Santa ornament tree to the bookshelves.




 I love the way she used ceramic Santas to create focal point displays.


We all have our reasons for starting a collection.  For my friend Deb, it was a love of antiques and a love of holiday decorating.  I’ve never seen so many antique Santas in one place!  She’s done a wonderful job of displaying them so that each one can be seen up close and personal.  Here are a few of her favorites…

Deb bookcase santas adjusted

Mantle santa1

Deb foyer SantaThis Santa is one of Deb’s largest, and in excellent condition.  He was definitely a “find”!

As you can tell, Deb loves vintage Santas.  In her words, “They make me smile and feel happy inside.  I hope they do that to others too!  Holidays can be stressful for so many people.  I just feel the joy and excitement with my Santa family!”

Yes, holidays can be stressful.  But if you can find one little thing to make someone smile, you’ve found the true meaning of Christmas!