Clutter Free: A Simple Checklist To Cut The Kitchen Clutter


It’s a New Year!  And most of us look at it as a new beginningA chance to get right what didn’t quite work out for us last year.  A chance to change our attitude about the all the good intentions we had.  For me, clutter can be an issue.  I rarely notice it until it’s too late, when I look at it with “fresh eyes” and start getting anxious and agitated.  Does this ever happen to you?  If you’re like me, then it’s time to organize the clutter.

When our lives have been crazy busy, like during the holidays, suddenly we notice that clutter’s taken over.   Our kitchen, the one room that’s the workhorse of the house, has seen lots of cooking, baking, and entertaining.  Some things didn’t get put away because we were too busy.  So they piled up.  Our “junk” drawer is overflowing.

Give yourself the gift of a fresh start for the new year with a clean de-cluttered kitchen, cabinets and a healthy pantry and fridge. Just follow this checklist and you’ll be off to a clutter free kitchen!

KitchenClutter2Clutter Free Pantry










Clutter Free:  Clean out the pantry and fridge each week before shopping. 


  • Start by grouping the same foods together (all the soups, canned tomatoes, etc.)
  • Out with the old!!! Check the expiration dates of all food and spices at the same time.
  • Use baskets, jars, and containers to organize the small things so you can find them faster.  Remember…less time spent searching is a good thing!










  • Entertaining pieces like party platters and serving bowls should be stored where you can find them and use them. But don’t stack too many or they might chip or break.
  • Sell or give away specialty small appliances and tools you seldom or never use. This is a hard one for me, so I’m working on this.  Yep!  I still have my tortilla press from the 70’s!  I just can’t seem to part with it.

Towel Drawer: 

  • Ditch the ones that are worn out, torn, and unraveling. Or at least hide them in the back to be used when no one’s looking.  Buy a few new ones that are fresh and colorful.  After all…New Year, New Attitude! 

“Tupperware Drawer”, Dishes, and all Plastics:

  • Toss any lids or bowls that have no mate
  • Get rid of the plastic cups from the gas station and athletic events that have accumulated throughout the year
  • Take stock of your dishes and cookware. Do you really need all of it?

Under the Sink: 

  • Purchase a pull-out rack that not only lets you store cans, but you can reach them more easily
  • Place similar items together
  • Smaller things in the front, larger in the back


The JUNK Drawer: 

  • We all have one, so let’s get it de-cluttered by tossing EVERYTHING that you don’t find to be useful. Do you really need 27 pencils or Sharpies?
  • Buy some trays to organize what you’re keeping. They really do help!

Clutter Free Junk Drawer

Still wondering where and how to start?  Try this little trick for your
Design Homework

For 7 days, I want you to throw away or give away 27 things around your house.  Now don’t go into a panic!  It can be as easy as 27 unused rubber bands or 27 old magazines or 7 pens, 6 pencils, and 14 paperclips.  Get the picture?  Try it.  I did, and it was very freeing.

Happy De-Cluttering!!!