Fall Decorating Ideas: Repurpose, Re-Use and Add a Little New

fall decorating ideasI love getting ready for fall! I love the colors, the textures, and the aromas of fall. But with summer in the South lasting through September, it’s hard to think about warm and cozy when it’s still hot outside.

And that’s when planning a party pushes the “get going” button! Have you ever noticed how fast an idea is implemented when you’ve got company coming?

For some of us it’s a graduation, a wedding, or a holiday. For others it’s overnight guests or a dinner party. Whatever it is that motivates you, waiting until a few days before, adds a little pressure…and a jolt of adrenaline… to get it done.


But when you wait till “almost the last minute”, the first thing on the list is to shop your closets, pantries, and attic to see if there’s anything around that can be re-purposed and re-used for the occasion.

It’s amazing to see what fall decorating ideas you come up with when you really try!


I call him “Pumpkin Man”!  A favorite purchase from a friend’s craft show many years ago.


I love the salt box house painted on this pumpkin!  The saying that goes along with it is about having peace in your home.  Sometimes it graces our foyer, but this year it’s nestled nicely in the twig chair from the flea market.

Step 2 is to look through magazines and online sources to find decorating ideas that will  get your creativity flowing.

fall decorations fall8 fall7 fall6 fall5

I love that everyday items were used for most of these vignettes.  Hmmm….it might be time to do even more digging around the house for unique display pieces!

Step 3 is for list making. When you have your ideas, and everything spread out in front of you, it’s easy to see what you might need to make it all come together.

Sometimes a walk in the woods is all you need to create the perfect fall decorations. Other times, a trip to the craft store or grocery store will help with the fill-in items to make it special.

Using candy corn to fill the bottom of a vase and placing a candle on top is a quick and easy tip. And, of course, making a trip to purchase orange pumpkins, heirloom pumpkins, and gourds is a must.


I couldn’t resist this beautiful display of heirloom tomatoes! They weren’t on my list, but I soon filled a bag of beauties. Since I’ve planned caprese for dinner, these will be displayed in the center of the tray…just because!


My finished front porch decorations are ready to greet our guests.  But who knows….I still have a few more hours to make some last minute changes.  Maybe a bale of hay and some mums will really help to Get Ready For Fall!!!! What fall decorating ideas do you have?

5 Design Trends to Look For This Fall

orange roomThe High Point Furniture Market takes place every spring and fall.  For designers and retail stores, it’s the best place to spot design trends that are happening right now and into the next season.  I go there to see what’s new and exciting, to shop for my clients, and to network with vendors and other designers.

Though I haven’t noticed any hot new ideas, I did notice that more vendors are jumping into these 5 trends that have been popular for a while.

Trend #1:  Nail heads

 Design is in the details, and nail heads are being seen in more and more applications.  They’ve advanced from simply edging a chair or sofa, to more creative designs on tables, ottomans, and chests.


nailhead table

ottoman with nail heads

Trend #2:  Brushed Gold 

Gold is back…but with a fresh new twist!  I first noticed a few years ago when a client selected this finish for guest bathroom fixtures.  Back then, we had 3 choices for cabinet hardware.  Now there are several to choose from.  What I noticed at this market is more light fixtures being featured in this finish.  Ceramic lamp bases are showing it as well.


star lamp goldI love this modern radiant star lamp from The Natural Light.

gold lamps

Trend #3:  Grass Cloth-Covered Tables and Chests 

I first spotted this trend a few markets ago, and it continues to increase in popularity.  Colored grass cloth is cut and then applied to flat surfaces.  The final touch is several coats of protective covering…but not so much that it hides the textures.


blue chest 2


blue chest


grass cloth1


Trend #4:  Bright Colors 

Orange is still HOT!!!  Since it’s one of my favorite accent colors, I’m happy to be able to find it everywhere.  A few manufacturers are featuring the brights on sofas, chairs, rugs, and wall art.  What do you think?  My preference is to keep the bright colors on pieces that won’t cost a lot to replace…in case I get tired of it.


orangeThis is a little bit much for me.  I love the art work!  And if you look really close, you can see the fun nail head detail on the sofa base.  My favorite pieces in this picture?  The cute little custom colored drink tables from Woodbridge Furniture.

grasscloth tableBright grass cloth parson’s table and samples to customize it.

rugA fun rug from Loloi

Trend #5:  Neutral Colors 

Always in style, and hardly a trend neutral colors like linen, tan, and gray continue to grow in popularity.  They can be layered with each other to create a Zen feel in a room.  Paired with brights, you add energy to the space.

gray linen


gray room

white stacking tables

Your Design Homework: 

1. Have you started adding any of these trends into your home design?

2. The next time you visit a furniture store or home décor store, take a minute to see if you can spot these trends there.  I’m sure they’ve even hit Target!  Check out the linen departments, pillows, appliances, etc. to see what you discover there.

Creative Ways To Bring Fall Into Your Home

     Fall sign

     When the temperature turns cooler, and the skies are blue, suddenly I’m in the mood to start decorating my house for Fall.  Does this ever happen to you?  The funny thing is that my creative juices start flowing this time of year, and I head to the woods to see what I can find. 

     For some reason, Fall decorating brings out the urge to decorate with handcrafted items, in luscious colors of red, orange, gold, and purple.  I guess it’s the anticipation of winter cocooning that makes me want to add a bit of country to my decorating.  But I love the scents, the colors, and the textures. 

     So this week, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens website, I’ve discovered some doorways and table settings that I hope you’ll enjoy. 

    Fall entryMums, mums, and more mums!  I love how they’ve paired them with white pumpkins for contrast.

leaves in blue glass vaseOpposites attract in this colorful arrangement.  Red/orange is across from this shade of blue on the color wheel, and make a perfect combination that pops!

vase with Fall flowersContainers can be created from what you have around the house.  Here, I’ve taken a ceramic vase and added willow branches, sunflowers, berries and leaves.

Chinese LanternsChinese Lanterns in bright orange/red add a pop of color to my mantel.

Autumn entryway with pumpkins

 A beautiful Fall entry

Fall wreath

A simple grapevine wreath dressed up for Fall with berries and flowers.

Fall tablescape

 A simple table runner with ribbons down the center that can be changed with the seasons.  Add to it colorful leaves with pumpkins and gourds, and you have a beautiful table arrangement in minutes.

Old globe Fall centerpiece

 ven non-traditional containers can make out outstanding centerpieces.  I love the use of this globe to hold pine cones, nuts, and berries in this Fall arrangement.  What unusual container do you have at home that would be the perfect centerpiece for you Fall collections?


Fall 4

 A plain pumpkin trimmed with bittersweet.  Adding star anise and dried fruit as part of the grouping helps add a little bit of nature to the table.

Color grouped leaves

Everyday water glasses become centerpieces when you add these beautifully colored fall leaves.  By color clustering the leaves into their own container, you’re creating more interest to the grouping.  Remember to stagger heights whenever you can to let each piece stand out on its own.


 White and orange pumpkins

Heirloom pumpkins grouped with colorful Autumn leaves.  It can be as simple as that.


Happy Decorating!!!!!