5 Design Trends to Look For This Fall

orange roomThe High Point Furniture Market takes place every spring and fall.  For designers and retail stores, it’s the best place to spot design trends that are happening right now and into the next season.  I go there to see what’s new and exciting, to shop for my clients, and to network with vendors and other designers.

Though I haven’t noticed any hot new ideas, I did notice that more vendors are jumping into these 5 trends that have been popular for a while.

Trend #1:  Nail heads

 Design is in the details, and nail heads are being seen in more and more applications.  They’ve advanced from simply edging a chair or sofa, to more creative designs on tables, ottomans, and chests.


nailhead table

ottoman with nail heads

Trend #2:  Brushed Gold 

Gold is back…but with a fresh new twist!  I first noticed a few years ago when a client selected this finish for guest bathroom fixtures.  Back then, we had 3 choices for cabinet hardware.  Now there are several to choose from.  What I noticed at this market is more light fixtures being featured in this finish.  Ceramic lamp bases are showing it as well.


star lamp goldI love this modern radiant star lamp from The Natural Light.

gold lamps

Trend #3:  Grass Cloth-Covered Tables and Chests 

I first spotted this trend a few markets ago, and it continues to increase in popularity.  Colored grass cloth is cut and then applied to flat surfaces.  The final touch is several coats of protective covering…but not so much that it hides the textures.


blue chest 2


blue chest


grass cloth1


Trend #4:  Bright Colors 

Orange is still HOT!!!  Since it’s one of my favorite accent colors, I’m happy to be able to find it everywhere.  A few manufacturers are featuring the brights on sofas, chairs, rugs, and wall art.  What do you think?  My preference is to keep the bright colors on pieces that won’t cost a lot to replace…in case I get tired of it.


orangeThis is a little bit much for me.  I love the art work!  And if you look really close, you can see the fun nail head detail on the sofa base.  My favorite pieces in this picture?  The cute little custom colored drink tables from Woodbridge Furniture.

grasscloth tableBright grass cloth parson’s table and samples to customize it.

rugA fun rug from Loloi

Trend #5:  Neutral Colors 

Always in style, and hardly a trend neutral colors like linen, tan, and gray continue to grow in popularity.  They can be layered with each other to create a Zen feel in a room.  Paired with brights, you add energy to the space.

gray linen


gray room

white stacking tables

Your Design Homework: 

1. Have you started adding any of these trends into your home design?

2. The next time you visit a furniture store or home décor store, take a minute to see if you can spot these trends there.  I’m sure they’ve even hit Target!  Check out the linen departments, pillows, appliances, etc. to see what you discover there.