Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

Fall Porch Inspiration

It’s fall!  And with it comes falling leaves, pumpkins, pine cones…and decorating.   I’m constantly amazed at the abundance of creative fall porch decorating ideas out there.  And a quick look at magazine racks, Pinterest, and Houzz should give you enough ideas and inspiration to get you started.  Let’s take a peek at a few of my favorites and why I love them…


This porch draws you in and wraps you in comfort, and I love everything about it.  Notice the re-purposed shutters, wooden boxes, and chalk board.  It’s a great reminder that you don’t need to buy everything new to have a porch that welcomes and wows your guests.


Simplicity is key to this entry.  Colorful mums nesting in vintage pails are a perfect touch to greet visitors.


Orange pumpkins on each side of the steps leads you to the front door…and more beautiful colors.  Don’t you just love the stacked white pumpkins with the house number on them? What are your fall porch decorating ideas?

Create a Welcoming Thanksgiving…The DIY Way

Create a Welcoming Thanksgiving…The DIY Way

Fall signWhen the weather turns cooler, and the skies are blue, suddenly I’m in the mood to start decorating my house for fall and Thanksgiving. Does this ever happen to you? The funny thing is that my creative juices start flowing this time of year, and I head to the woods to see what I can find.

For some reason, fall decorating brings out the urge to decorate with handcrafted items, in luscious colors of red, orange, gold, and purple. I guess it’s the anticipation of winter cocooning that makes me want to add a bit of country to my decorating. But I love the scents, the colors, and the textures.

So this week, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens website, I’ve discovered some doorways and table settings that I hope you’ll enjoy.


Fall entryMums, mums, and more mums!  I love how they’ve paired them with white pumpkins for contrast.

couchOpposites attract in this colorful arrangement.  Red/orange is across from this shade of blue on the color wheel, and make a perfect combination that pops!

vase with Fall flowersContainers can be created from what you have around the house.  Here, I’ve taken a ceramic vase and added willow branches, sunflowers, berries and leaves.

Chinese LanternsChinese Lanterns in bright orange/red add a pop of color to my mantel.

Fall 8Pumpkins, gourds and mums say “Welcome to our home”

Fall 7

Fall 5Create a simple table runner with ribbons down the center that can be changed with the seasons.  Add to it colorful leaves with pumpkins and gourds, and you have a beautiful Thanksgiving table arrangement in minutes.

Fall 6Even non-traditional containers can make out outstanding centerpieces.  I love the use of this globe to hold pine cones, nuts, and berries in this fall arrangement.

Fall 4A simple pumpkin trimmed with bittersweet.  Adding star anise and dried fruit as part of the grouping helps add a little bit of nature to the table.

Fall 2Everyday water glasses become centerpieces when you add these beautifully colored fall leaves.  By separating each color into their own container, you’re creating more interest to the grouping.  Remember to stagger heights whenever you can to let each piece stand out on its own.

Fall 3Pumpkins and colorful leaves.  It can be as simple as that.

Happy Decorating!!!!!