Flea Market Adventure


     Have you ever wandered through a flea market with no particular goal (or mission) in mind?  You know, the kind of day where you really take your time and stop by every table. 

     Well, last week I had what I like to call, the PERFECT treasure shopping day!  The sun was shining, I got there early before the crowds, and I had no agenda other than enjoying myself.  During my 2 hours break from work, while I “let the day come to me”, I managed to find some new Arts and Crafts style pottery, bump into some neighbors, and have a wonderful morning outdoors. 

     PP Twig Planter

     But then I stumbled upon the most unique handmade twig planter covered in moss.  The second I saw it, I knew exactly where I would use it.  I had to have it!  When the vendor told me they had all been sold to a shop owner in a nearby mountain town, I knew that I had discovered a hot new product.  So I placed an order and waited for my next visit.

This morning, in between pouring down rain, I scooted back to the flea market to pick up the newest purchases for our porch and patio.  A quick stop at the plant vendor, and I had everything I needed to have them ready in time for our 4th of July company.  Who knows?  Maybe next week I’ll discover something wonderful again!!!

 Twig chair planter