3 Secrets To A Successful Interior Design Project

When it comes to Do It Yourself projects, everyone has their own plan,their own method, and their own schedule for getting it done.  We’re excited to get started and can’t wait to see the end results.  Sometimes we rush right out to the local shops, buy our products and get to work.  But what would happen if we stopped and followed three simple steps before moving forward?

I recently attended a meeting where we learned the trends we can expect to see in 2010 and 2011.  At the top of the list is Getting Back to Basics.  Keeping it simple, buying local, having fun, and being authentic are all ways to help us return to basics.  But one new term really interested me –DIY³. It takes Do It Yourself to the next level.  Let’s take a look…

1.  DECIDE– The beginning to anything we do is to decide to do it. We set an intention to make it happen and go about it with purpose and meaning.   Dreaming about it is definitely a part of the process too.  Sometimes we even go a step further to visualize what it will look like when it’s finished.  It’s the perfect motivator!

2.  DECIDE – This is the fun part, and one of the most important!  When we design the project we’re creating a plan.  We plan the process, the way it will look, the products we need, and where we need to go to buy the products.  In your excitement to get started, skipping this step could create one of those “Oh no! What was I thinking?” moments.  Follow this with some costly mistakes, and that quick back splash project is now taking longer to finish, and has blown your budget in the process!  So…set an appointment with yourself!  And remember to get out of your head and onto the paper.

3.  DO – Now that you’ve visualized how beautiful the finished product will be, and done all the designing and planning, it’s time to actually DO something!  Yes, that means no more procrastinating, no more excuses.  Jump right in with both feet, and plans in hand.  Don’t forget that the time might be right to ask for some help.  Accept that some things are just too big to handle on your own.  Call in a professional! It might be a contractor, handyman, painter, or interior designer.  Try our Hands on Home Makeover program.

Buy the supplies you need, and start to work.  The end results are worth it.  Remember that “Done is better than perfect”.  So never get stuck there!!!