21 Secrets To Staging Your Home Before You Sell – pt 1

June seems to be the perfect time for selling your home.  School is out, summer fun can lead to new friendships, and settling in to a new neighborhood is just a little easier.

After recently having my Atlanta townhouse on the market , I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to sell a house.  What is the best way to prepare for the onslaught of prospective buyers?  When your own home is involved, it’s difficult to remember that the house is a product, and the way that you present it is marketing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I offer this service as part of my design business, and have staged many homes in the past.  But when your own home is involved, it’s hard to be objective when it comes to marketing and creating a “move-in –ready”  home.  You realize that you’ll still be living there.  Selling can be a long process.  And you want your home to reflect “you” – to be authentic.

Here are some of my secrets to help you with the process.  Some of them might be a little painful to follow, but try your best.  The results will be worth it!

1.  Declutter, but not so much that your home feels sterile.

2.  Clean everything.  This includes windows, doors, floors, cabinets, etc.

3.  Paint your rooms a neutral, light color.Try taupe, tan, or a soft green.


If you’re thinking about moving, work on these three secrets today.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with the other 18 secrets!  Happy planning!!!