Let the Christmas Decorating Begin!

With Thanksgiving behind us, in our house the Christmas decorating begins as soon as the last guest leaves.  The boxes are pulled from their storage center under the stairs, collected in one big room, and finally opened.

Yes, it’s pure chaos for a day or two.  And the older I get, the more I find that having a plan of attack is the best way to get it finished…and enjoy myself in the process!

Christmas clutter

Pulling out photographs of past Christmases to remind myself where to place each treasure used to be where I started.  But it’s really more fun to start with a fresh palette every year.  After all, our tastes change, our lifestyles change, and so does the amount of free time that we have.

bare mantel

Though some Christmas decorations get passed on to my daughters and others are donated,  I always keep the special ones that bring a smile to my face.  They bring back memories of where we were when we bought them, or the special friend who gave them to us.

My plan varies each year, but there’s always a plan, and there’s always a theme.  This year, because I knew exactly how it should look, my Christmas decorating began with the mantle, and the “Woodland Christmas”.

One by one, the cherished Santas are placed.

Santa treasure

tree Santa









Next, the greenery is spread out to fill the space, and lighted branches are added for sparkle.  Finally, the details are carefully placed.  Because red is a favorite of mine, there are always berries.  And then, to finish it off, the pine cones, pods, and stockings are added.

finished fireplaceTa Da!!!!  What do you think?

Christmas pillow

Dickens pillow







 Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating!!!!!