Memories of Kitchens Past

Someone once asked me why I love kitchens so much.  I was a little taken aback, because no one had ever asked that question before.  After all, I’ve been designing kitchens and baths for almost 20 years!  I knew that I love the thrill of a challenging space.  And I love coordinating the colors and fabrics.  But the question caused me to sit back, and really think about why this one room in our home is so special for me.

Like any other “deep” searches, I went back to my childhood, to my earliest and fondest memories, and discovered that life in the kitchen was the connecting thread.  I discovered that so much of what I love in life came from those memories, and I’d like to share a few of them with you. 

My mom admittedly didn’t exactly love cooking or spending time participating in conversation around the dinner table.  She would cook, eat, and start cleaning up.  That was definitely not a pleasant memory maker.  But it was the times spent with extended family and family friends that really began to shape my enjoyment of being in the kitchen.  Visits to my grandparents always included helping to cook or bake…or eat Grandma’s yummy raisin-filled cookies.   Sitting around the kitchen table and playing board games or telling stories, always left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

The other half of my family is Italian through and through!  So there was never a trip to Nona’s house that didn’t include sitting around a kitchen table covered in food, and having my cheeks pinched while being told to “Mangia, mangia!” 

But experiencing Italian food, cooked by Italian relatives in Italy, is what solidified my love of the kitchen and everything that happens there.  Who can resist the fun, the conversation, and the passion for food and wine while dining al fresco in an Italian countryside?  Those are memories that I’ll always cherish.  And memories that have molded who I am and what I love.  Kitchens….the heart of the home!


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