After extreme heat, high humidity, and two hurricanes, the Fall season has officially arrived.  It is finally cool in the South!!!  We home décor lovers are ready to go, and excited to get moving on our Fall decorations.  Are you someone who loves to use hand-picked apples, Indian corn, and autumn leaves?  Or are you like me, and are addicted to adding pumpkins in every size, shape, and color?  I don’t know about you, but the minute PSL (pumpkin spice latte) arrives at Starbucks, I’m ready to decorate for Fall.  

Saving and re-purposing fall decorations from one year to the next gives you a jump start on your holiday prep.   But I always go back to these 3 Designer Tips for Pumpkin Décor when I’m starting my list.

Pair It With Fall’s Bounty

Colors found in nature play well together for your home’s decor.  Consider incorporating deep, rich colors like persimmon, rust, amber, and butterscotch.  Remember that’s it’s all about variety.  So play with it and have some fun!

Anything that reminds you of fall can be used. 

  • Autumn squash
  • Indian corn
  • gourds,
  • colored leaves
  • pinecones
  • mums
  • apples
  • cornstalks

Plan It to Last Until Thanksgiving

If you want to create a lasting impression of Fall, remember to use items that you can add or subtract for each holiday.  The perfect carved pumpkin or scary witch for Halloween can be replaced with pilgrims and cornucopias for Thanksgiving.

When you’re taking the time to create something beautiful, why not plan ahead to make it last for a few months.  Don’t be afraid to use faux pumpkins, vines, and leaves.  The money you invest today will save you a time and money year after year.

Place It Creatively

Mixing pots of beautiful mums with colorful heirloom pumpkins is a super easy way to decorate your porch.  With so many shapes, sizes, and colors available at markets, it’s fun to get creative.

Using a large platter or tray as a base, it’s easy to add small gourds and candles.  Take a walk in the woods to bring the outdoors inside by adding some pinecones, leaves, and acorns.

I love finding examples of how creative people can be.  Here are my favorite finds for this season:

I discovered this unique jack-o-lantern appetizer on Pinterest, and can’t wait to make it!

Pumpkin man on his tractor just makes me smile!