THE COLOR ORANGE:   How We Use It and What It Means

THE COLOR ORANGE: How We Use It and What It Means


For those of us who love the color orange, we see it everywhere and want to use it all the time.  But how we use orange at home and when we use it requires a little bit of information about color psychology.

 Orange is the perfect mix of red and yellow.  And because it combines the energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, orange radiates a warmth and happiness that draws us in.  Have you ever taken a walk down a path that’s covered with red, yellow, and orange leaves or watched a sunset with shades of reds and oranges?  That is happiness!

orange pumpkin with succulents

What We Know About Orange:

  • Offers emotional strength in difficult times
  • Optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit
  • A great color to use during tough economic times because it keeps us motivated
  • Helps us to look on the bright side of life
  • Promotes enthusiasm for life, relating to adventure, risk-taking, independence   The person who loves the color orange is always on the go!
  • It stimulates two-way conversations and social communications
  • Because it’s a warm and inviting color, it’s both mentally and physically stimulating. It gets people thinking and talking!
  • Stimulates our appetite
  • Helps us assimilate new ideas and frees our spirit of limitations…let’s us be free to be ourselves.

How We Use Orange at Home:

Because Orange is such a sociable color, and mentally stimulating, use it in rooms where you want to get people thinking and talking.  A dining room or living room would be the perfect area to paint an accent wall in orange.  If that’s just a little too bold for you and out of your comfort zone, try orange pillows, placemats, napkins or dishes.  When it comes to paint, tinting orange to a soft peach will also have the same effect.

orange dining room accents

If you love Life In the Kitchen as much as I do, enjoying family and friends sitting around the kitchen table, orange will keep them talking and eating for a long time.  Many restaurants use pastel versions of orange like peach or apricot, or deeper versions of terracotta for their décor.  When guests are having a good time talking and connecting, they’ll eat and drink more…and spend more money!

orange accents in a bay window

But the one room in your home that you don’t want to have large amounts of orange is the kitchen.  It’s the worst color to be surrounded with if you’re trying to lose weight!!!!

Your Design Homework:

  1. Take a walk through your house and make a list of how you can use the color orange in a room or two.
  2. How can you incorporate orange to red accessories for Fall?
  3. How can you use lighter and/or brighter versions of orange for Spring and Summer?

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